30 January 2023

L&D Must Resolve 'Content Chaos' to Meet Performance Goals

Content overload, information overload, even content chaos: Many terms have been used to describe the challenges organizations—as well as employees—increasingly face when it comes to getting effective and useful information to the right people at the right time.


The topic is also not new; employees have felt overwhelmed for some time. See Josh Bersin, 2014 and Towards Maturity In Focus Report, 2017, where 40% of employees said they couldn’t find what they were looking for. In early 2021, Donald Taylor wrote his famous piece Finding the Needle in the Learning Content Haystack, painting a wonderful picture of this ongoing challenge. The same year, Red Thread published research on The Learning Content Dilemma. 

However, apart from some small gains in algorithms and filtering mechanisms, no substantial progress has been made. And while the democratization of learning, the effort to actively engage employees to share their experience and expertise with their colleagues, is successful, this effort is producing yet more content.


Today’s organizational learning tech stack includes knowledge hubs, LXPs, external content libraries, and for larger organizations, even academies or corporate universities. The continuous need for answers, resources, and courses—or simply information at the moment of need—arises for a number of reasons. These include performing the job, performance improvement, learning in the flow of work via upskilling and reskilling, and general career development and personal growth.


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Learning and Development

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