We had the pleasure of working with Teresa to identify the best LMS vendor for an innovative medical training program. As newcomers to the field she helped us to navigate the options with efficiency, clarity and an accurate understanding of our needs. Her insight was pivotal in supporting the best choice to deliver our needs. 

Thank you for all your wonderful innovative thinking, energy and drive to move the team forward and provide a better customer experience. 

We will miss you. 

I want to say THANK YOU so much for the incredible effort you gave in leading our project, and keeping us all on task. Your creativity, vision, design, and enthusiasm all came through in the project. We would not be at this point without you.

Stephanie Simms

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Naomi Berry

Dr. Anu Obaro, Online Training Lead

National CT Colonography Training & Accreditation Program

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We're commercially savvy and look to business results and ROI first. By taking stock of what you have and what your really need, we focus on efficiency and effectiveness. And we let you know if learning or new tech isn't the right solution. Data driven decisions all the way. 


From content strategy to your learning tech ecosystem and everything in between.  

Run your learning department like a business. Its about LearnOps.

Reduce Operating Costs

Deliver performance focused results. 

Drive Business Value

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Part of Your Team

We can build fully blended programs, partnering with your suppliers and/or bringing in our own. 


We have expertise in content and learning design; comms, marketing and social learning. 


Working inside your teams, they get to learn with and from us. 


What we’re most proud of is that our clients ask us back to work on more projects. There is no greater endorsement than that!


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Improving your Learning strategies,

growing your business

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Culture eats tech for breakfast! (Teresa Rose)


We have a unique blend of organisational development expertise with tech savviness. We know from the data and failed launches, learning tech isn't going to solve all your L&D woes. Culture and your people are the most important ingredient in its success...or not.  We have you covered on all fronts.  

Our Portfolio

Learning Tech Vendors

Vendor Consulting 

We provide consultancy to learning and talent tech vendors.  We assess their products, customer success and marketing strategies. We know what organisations want. We know learning. And we know good tech  when we see it. 

We evaluate your sales strategy. We've sat through countless vendor presentations and read 100's of proposals. And we used to be on your side of the fence - we were in learn tech sales once too. 

Sales Strategy

Marketing and Branding

We get under the bonnet of your offer. We spot your opportunities. We craft branding approaches and messages that will stand out in a crowded market. 

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We sense-make and enable organisations to realise their people development strategy

and business goals. 

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