We navigate them through the ins and outs of digital learning. We enable our clients to achieve their business goals, with and without tech.  We see ourselves as organisational coaches. Asking great questions and developing the right solution - and no, its not always learning.  


One of our clients had in-house tech expertise and had developed their own platform. We recognised this was the best course of action and evidence from research told us so. The team went onto win silver at Learning Technologies 2022 for in-house learning solution. 

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We're proud of the work we do with our clients and we get asked back. There's no greater endorsement than that! 



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Learning and Development

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We don’t just consult, we do.

We sense-make and enable organisations to realise their people development strategy

and business goals. 

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Learning and performance

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Learning and Development


More on our work with DNV. The challenge was the sheer size and scale - 12,500 people in over 100 countries. This program was also non-mandated - it meant engagement and winning hearts and minds were key.

We designed the content that included spaced challenges, a communication strategy and nudges. Social learning played a pivotal part to enable the reach and included ‘live’ events and toolkits.

Program Design

We're developing a skills strategy for our global client. We are designing a unified framework that contains the best of what already works for them, with data and governance at the heart.

This is a long-term project and the next stage is the implementation and integration of skills into a Talent Marketplace and operationalising skills into all Talent processes. 

Skills-Based Organisation

Enabling businesses to 

reach their performance goals

Our Portfolio

Your business is different. That's why we conceptualise and co-create with you and your people.


Whether its organisational development interventions or learning programs tailor-made for your company and its specific and evolving needs. Our broad and deep experience means we have all your bases covered. 

Our work with DNV on Digital Transformation was gold award winning. We used our strengths in organisational development and digital learning.

This was about major changes to the culture, mindsets and rituals as well as a huge shift in more granular ways of working. It resulted in new business models and product lines. They were also able to "pivot" when COVID hit. 

OD & Change

Insights stem from OD and feed into L&D and Employee Experience strategies. We gather research on learning culture, using a combination of your internal data, external insights, surveys, focus groups and interviews. 

We project manage the comms and engagement, report on the findings and identify your opportunity areas. We then run ideation workshops to prioritise actionable next steps. 


Our NHS client wished to find a platform that could host very specific training and provide robust evidence of expertise. When we began working with them, several different pieces of technology were being used and the user experience and workflows were complicated. We managed the RFP and helped them choose the right vendor. 

The team won silver at Learning Technologies 2022. 

Learning Strategy 

We audited a vendor's market and sales strategy and customer facing collateral. We provided market intelligence for them to benchmark against their competition. We made a series of tangible recommendations to drive new adoptions and retain existing clients. 

We partner Simply Brilliance as their learn tech advisor and vendor assessor. 


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We pride ourselves on doing things the right way. We experiment and change our approach, using evidence to inform our direction. 

Evidence Based

Business first, learning and tech second. If it doesn't make commercial sense then why do it? 

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Partnership is as at the heart of what we do. We become a trusted part of the team. Building great collaborative relationships and bringing in the external picture and latest research to translate that to your unique context. We are relied on to do what we say, but also let you know the options, potential risks and challenges.


One of our current clients is beginning to implement Artificial Intelligence in their talent and skills development process. We are sharing our knowledge on the latest legislation on AI to inform their governance process. They view this as valuable insights and appreciate our up to date knowledge.