20 February 2023

Can Skills Frameworks Close the Skills-to-Performance Gap?

In “L&D Must Resolve 'Content Chaos' to Meet Performance Goals,” we identified several challenges L&D departments are currently facing, with the aim of addressing three of those key challenges with action-oriented solutions. In this article, we delve further into competency, capability, and skills frameworks; the attempt to assign the right training and development courses to the right employee; as well as the gaps between these frameworks and actual capability, performance, and business outcomes.


Competency frameworks, capability frameworks, and now skills frameworks entice us with the promise of achieving performance improvement—in part through real and valuable personalization for each employee.


These frameworks are a well-intended attempt to provide a structure, through an L&D lens, that enables us to map out an organization so that we can assign the right training and development courses to the right employee and accomplish up- and reskilling, ideally at scale.


It's a nice idea. Yet in practice, the impact of these frameworks on personalization and performance is somewhat questionable. Combined with navigating the complexity that surrounds their use and questions about how to define what a useful and usable framework is and how and where to apply them, you have a challenge on your hands.


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