23 March 2023

AI Aids In Connecting Learning and Performance Ecosystems

The ways in which employees access information, surface answers to questions, and find the right subject matter experts is shifting and drastically improving. With this, so is access to and potential efficiency of formal learning and training.


The question is, how do these elements fuse together in the reimagined ecosystem? What will performance support, formal learning and training, or up-skilling and re-skilling look like when we combine the best of digital and asynchronous tools, as well as synchronous and in-person endeavors. 


Our series launched with L&D Must Resolve ‘Content Chaos’ to Meet Performance Goals, an overview of the biggest challenges organizational development and L&D face right now.


We continued the series with Can Skills Frameworks Close the Skills-to-Performance Gap?, where we look closely at the challenges and potential values and limits of skills and competency frameworks, including some practical advice and insights gained from working with a large variety of small, medium, and enterprise businesses.


Our third piece, Performance Support in the Flow of Work—Now and Going Forward, explores what employee performance support, in the moment of need, can look like. We describe a future of mega-stores of digital assets that will no longer be seen as impossible to keep up-to-date. No more unmanageable piles of information, impractical at surfacing the right information effectively and efficiently, at the point of need. Quite the opposite; we see these resources forming the backbone of employee performance support.


Personalized or adaptive learning: What we mean
In this article we dive into the lesser-explored role of AI in improving more formal digital learning programs. Our exploration starts with the impact of AI tools on design, build, and curation, via the delivery of hyper-personalized learning journeys for each learner.


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